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First of all, there are a large amount of several kinds of hosting - from dedicated servers to image hosting. The type of hosting that you need generally sets the guideline on how a good deal you are going to spend. I am going to break down the categories by pricing only but should include the types you can get for the price.



$0 Free Web Hosting Plans


These are generally your free website hosting, image and file hosting. Free website hosting aide is exorbitant if you wish to make a quick mini site, want to test out your website building skills, trouble a place to test scripts, etc. Free web hosting is not argued for any websites you plan to initiate money from.



$1.00-$10.00/m - Shared Web Hosting Plans


This price range covers hosting plans for your general website. Any medium income website should be OK within the price range. Be levelheaded though - do not expect to get wonderful service from a host offering 100GB disk space and 1000GB bandwidth for $2.00/m.



$15.00-$40.00/m - Virtual Privet Server (VPS)


These price ranges include high end shared hosting, reseller plans, and VPS plans. These are by and large reserved for special websites like a web hosting reseller or a website such a requires root access(a VPS plan) for whatever reason.



$45.00/m -$400+/m - Dedicated Server Hosting


This price margin can key in some above the usual end VPS plans as well as dedicated servers. You will want to go amongst a dedicated server if you have a high traffic website or high resource usage website (forums amongst 100+ active users(users online at a single point in time) very much ask for their own dedicated servers because SQL usage goes through the roof.


I pray that by now you suffer a well indication on how a great deal you want to spend/need to spend on your web hosting. I also wrote a more detailed article that can be found over the resource link below. This will help you additional if you a good deal are unsure about the price duration you must be in.


Author: Hosting Ratings
Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/how-much-will-cost-web-hosting-service-for-your-website-778657.asp


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