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What Is A Web Host?

Essentially a web host is somebody who provides a place to store the files (pages) of your web site and makes them visible to the internet at large.

People can view these pages using a web browser, read the content, download files and generally interact in all the ways you have probably done on the internet up until now.


When you purchase a web hosting account you are literally buying disk space on the hosting company’s computer in which you store your web site.

Your site will consist of pages containing text, images or graphics that you use on those pages and any files that you might make available for download such as videos or ebooks.


You control which pages are visible and what content is on them by creating these pages in an HTML editor. This is special software that creates web pages and is, to all intents and purposes, nothing more than a word processor with extra functionality built in.

Features Of Web Hosting For The Beginners


If you are just starting on the Internet and wish to have a good website to display your skills as a writer, or as a marketer, then you can use the web hosting for beginners. The features of web hosting for the beginners are essentially very basic so that any newcomer can easily get accustomed to these basic features quickly. As the time passes, and the newcomer becomes skilled in using these features, he can then use the intermediate and the advanced features and create a better website. This article gives you an idea of how to use these basic features provided by your web hosting service for novices.


However, before you know more about the web hosting and the web development in detail, you need to know some very important features of the internet like the World Wide Web. World Wide Web is a network of huge number of computers that are around the world that are connected to each other for communications purpose with the help of protocols like HTTP. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a language that allows transmission of the documents present on the Internet.



Why Web Hosting Is Important

The web hosting server allows you to host your website and make it available on the Internet for the whole world to access it. This way you can advertise your service and products on your website. Some of the other essential web services like the e-mail capability, database capability, and uploading dynamic content are essential to really tap the power of websites.

The e-mail capability allows you to receive and dispatch e-mails and information to be sent to your subscribers directly from your website. The database capability allows you to store a large amount of useful information on your website. The dynamic content is the content that allows you and your visitors to interact with each other.

For all of these reasons I recommend the Web Hosting Providers in my links.

Price, Value, And most of all Customer Service.


Author: Shawn Burgy
Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/web-hosting-articles/basic-information-about-web-hosting-for-beginners-770178.asp


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